Office partitioning can transform your workspace and provide a segregated area to suit business needs, be it privacy, meeting space, recreational or even too reduce noise. This could be in the form of an executive office space, secure conferencing room or even a dedicated print area. Our team can help you to make the right choices and then deliver the project in full.

George Benson Ltd has expert refurbishment specialists who will assist with the design, and provide advice on types of construction, materials, appearance etc. We then manage the project and handle installation, construction and finishing of the bespoke partitioned area.

We provide


  • Full height glass (floor to ceiling)
    • Allows for full visibility between spaces and lets in more natural light
    • Glass frosting can be added to enhance privacy
    • Double glazed and/or blinds fitted or single glazed with and/or glass offset
  • Half glazed/ half solid
    • Allows desks and storage units to be placed alongside the wall
    • Maximises office/business space
  • Solid glass
    • Glazing in line with top of the door
    • Obscures office desks and storage at low level
  • Frameless walls
    • Unique and modern appearance
    • Frosting may be applied
  • Solid office walls
    • Complete privacy
    • Noise reduction
    • Bespoke finishes
    • Fire rated